Indoor Fibre Cable, OM3 Tight Buffer 4 Fibre, LS0H

P/N : VOL-OM3-4-TL
Category: 3M Volition™ Fiber Cable

Indoor Fibre Cable, OM3 Tight Buffer 4 Fibre, LS0H

Volition Network Solution from 3M includes horizontal and backbone cable with OM3 multimode 50/125um for Indoor. The horizontal cable provides the physical link between the fiber connector patch panel in the floor distribute and the fiber connector in the outlet. Volition Indoor Tight Buffer cable 4 cores format. Each fiber is tight coated to a 900 micron diameter, with a durable, protective material and the coating (tight buffer material).Cables are available and the cable jacket is LSOH .

  • Small cable diameter 
  • Minimizes weight and optimizes cable installation
  • Complete range of cables
  • Produced to industry specification 
  • Ensures system compatibility and interoperability

3M Fiber Specification for Indoor Tight Buffer Cable:

File Name Description File
Volition Datasheet Fibre Cable_Indoor_TightBuffer.pdf
Datasheet 3M Volition Indoor Fibre Cable
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