Volition Cat.5e UTP RJ45 Jack, White, 8/bag

Category: RJ45 One-Click Tool-less Jacks

Part of 3M Network Solutions, the K5e range is the 3M Category
5e/Class D solution (ISO/IEC 11801, EN 50173 and TIA 568.C.2) RJ45 jack

Part of 3M Network Solutions, the K5e range is the 3M Category
5e/Class D solution (ISO/IEC 11801, EN 50173 and TIA 568.C.2) RJ45 jack

The K5e jack is a core product in the 3M system solution, which includes a 
Comprehensive range of patch panels, sockets and faceplates,  patch cords and cables. 

The RJ45 K5e jack is available in three different formats: 

  • UTP
  • FTP with drain wire 
  • STP 360° braid or foil connection


- IEEE 802.3 1000BASE-T
- IEEE 802.3at  PoE+- IE


- ISO/ IEC 11801 Edition 2, Am 1-2 
- EN 50173-1
- ANSI/ TIA/ EIA-568-C.2-2009
- EC60512-99-01                                                       - I


• Tool-less jack

• Re-usable

• No time wasted waiting for another delivery

• Shallow depth, cable

entry from top orbottom

• One-click tool-less design

• Accepts both solid conductors from

• AWG 26 to 22 and stranded

• POE+ compliant


• Easy and quick to install

• Fast reliable connection in record time: all 8 copper conductors are effortlessly

wired in a single operation

• Quality of connection by design: not dependant on tool condition or operator

skills, just listen for the click

• If a wiring mistake is made there is no need to use a new jack

• Solutions for all levels of EMC protection using the same accessories means

less training

• Easier cable management

• Allows a wide range of cable routing options

• Can be used with low profile trunking and boxes

• Compatible with many cables on the market and enables ‘jack to plug’ cables

to be manufactured using

• stranded conductors (for use in open office architectures)

• Integral shutter • Increased dust protection, especially during installation or in a dirty


• No additional shuttering required on faceplates

• Allows direct mounting into floor boxes

• Protects jacks in the patch panel

• Supports PoE plus applications according to latest IEEE standards.



• Tool-less connection of all eight wires at one time by

closing the metal locking wings

• Wire holder is labelled with both 568A and 568B wire


• Single forked contacts

• Integrated shutter

Technical characteristics

Conforms to permanent link and channel performance

parameters of Class E ISO/IEC 11801, EN 50173 and

category 5e TIA 568 standards

Conductor diameter:

solid wires: 0,50 to 0,65 mm

stranded wires: 7 x 0,15 to 0,20 mm

Maximum diameter of

wire insulation: 1,6 mm

Lead through resistance: < 200 mΩ

Insulation resistance: > 500 MΩ

Protection contacts: 1,6 μm gold

Voltage Rating: 75 VDC (maximum)


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